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Need the extra horsepower and a specialised skillset? We got you covered!

We have a wide variety of skills available. Don’t know what you need? Don’t worry, we’ll help to find the right fit for you and your team.

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There is not one way to do consultancy. So let’s figure out the best approach together.

So, you got no time to hire but you do need an expert? One of our consultants at Content & Coffee might be the right fit for your team. We have experienced professionals who can help you with your project, right away. Have a look at who’s available at the moment below!

We try to let our consultants work remotely as much as possible. In consultation with the customer though, days can always be set that they work in-house in your offices. For each consultancy project we’ll discuss and find the best solution for all parties.



In consultancy:

Your business can benefit from a productive and encouraging work environment through guidance and training. We can help you with the transition of your team into an Agile workflow based on the principles of S3 Patterns.


In consultancy:

Our consultants can offer a fresh set of eyes and provide expert advice on your complex technical problems! Leveraging their experience and skillset, they can devise solutions you might not have thought of and be that extra asset to your team. 


In consultancy:

In need of some new and fresh creative input for your team and/or projects? Are you working on the next big thing? Our creative team has a broad expertise including UX, UI, web, graphic & motion design. Be it hands-on, or just to help you in the creative process, our designers are eager to tackle anything you throw at them.


Time to meet your future consultants!

Motion & Design

UI & UX Designer

Joey van Sommeren

I’m the UX/UI designer of Content and Coffee. My work is a process of understanding the problem, defining user goals, prototyping, visual design, testing and validating design decisions. I prefer to work closely together with engineers, product managers and stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Skills: UI/UX Design, Usability Testing, User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Web Design, Product Design, Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Logo & Brand Design, Data Visualisation
Languages: Dutch, English
Regions: Brussels / Antwerp + remote
Status: There is room to wiggle
Motion & Design

UI / UX & Motion Designer

Aurora Iannino

UI & UX design + Graphics & Motion design: with such a great skillset-combo and broad experience, Aurora is a real asset to any project. With a fresh and creative outlook, she’ll breathe new life into your projects and even add some more ideas to the table.

Skills: UI & UX Design, Webdesign, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Languages: Dutch, English
Regions: Brussels / Leuven / Limburg + remote
Status: There is room to wiggle

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