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Assessments are the compass guiding our journey together. To really make a difference, we need to understand where you stand today and what your challenges are. These in-depth assessments not only highlight areas for optimization but also empower us to tailor our guidance and support to meet your specific needs.​

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Strategical assessments​

Strategic assessments provide the insights needed to make informed decisions, drive meaningful change and accelerate growth within your team or organization.  Our strategic assessments serve as the cornerstone of our partnership, guiding us on the way forward. ​

Team maturity assessment

Team maturity assessment

Get insights on the capabilities and readiness of your technical team.​

Project maturity assessment

Project maturity assessment

Determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your technology projects, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and industry’s best practices.​

Application landscape assessment​

Application landscape assessment​

​Obtain a holistic view on your digital ecosystem, uncovering opportunities for consolidation, modernization and optimization​.

Organizational design assessment​

Organizational design assessment​

​Learn about your structure and processes, and how to align them with your strategic objectives for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.​


Tactical assessments​

Analyzing key aspects of your operations allows us to deliver actionable insights that pave the way for tactical and technical decision-making processes yielding tangible results. Whether it’s about optimizing user experience, enhancing code quality or refining IT service management processes, our assessments provide the clarity and direction needed to drive your organization forward.​

UX-UI assessment

UX/UI assessment

Dive deep into user experience design, ensuring your applications are intuitive and user-friendly.​

Project maturity assessment

Code base assessment

Identify areas for optimization and enhancement by scrutinizing the underlying code of your website or application.​

Application landscape assessment​

Run flow assessment​

Learn about your IT service management processes and how to streamline operations for maximum efficiency​.


A service tailored to your needs​

We understand the unique needs of small and midsize companies. That’s why our assessments are designed to be small in scale and affordable in cost, tailored specifically to the size and budget of your organization. Our streamlined approach ensures that you receive the insights and guidance you need without the burden of large-scale projects that can take months to complete. ​

Would you like to know more about our specific services? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more.


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