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We are Content & Coffee, a diverse group of developers, coaches, designers and, of course, coffee lovers. We mix and match our talents and expertise to create the perfect blend that fits your needs. Because in the end, that is what we want: providing you with the best possible solution for all your digital needs.

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Content & Coffee creates digital tools that will take your business and/or project to the next level. We advise and execute.

Armed with experience, Content & Coffee can serve your digital needs and those of your customers by guiding you through each phase of the application lifecycle



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Need a specialist or an extra pair of hands? We got you covered! Head over to our consultancy page. We have the right person for the right job.

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We can design, build and deliver to your and your customers’ needs. Have a cool project you would like us to work on? Scroll down to discover our services.


Our services

Our services

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching focuses on helping your organisation and/or team to adopt the optimal agile methodology to ensure effective outcomes for your company. During these coaching sessions, we will take responsibility for guiding your teams through the implementation process while encouraging both workers and leaders to embrace different agile methods.

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Writing code is about so much more than just code. It’s about writing for an audience. It’s about telling a story on efficiency, speed and improving the way you work. We take great pride in making sure that our code works and continues to work.

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Design & Motion

If you think our designers just want to make things pretty, then you’re in for a big surprise… Be it in UI, UX, graphic, web and even motion design, our creative team will create the pixel-perfect blend for you and your ideas, while analyzing how they can optimize it in terms of functionality, accessibility and much more.


Sharing a good cup of coffee is one thing, but why stop there?

Content & Coffee runs on passion, laughter and a whole lot of coffee. We are a company with a big heart, and we strive to be as ethical and mindful as possible in both our work, management style & project choices. So why not spread this mindset? Sharing is caring. And thus the Social Bean was born.

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The Social Bean.

With the Social Bean initiative, we want to reach out to other companies or organisations that have a big heart and a strong social impact by helping them to realise a project that’s within our wheelhouse.

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Discover our latest:

Test-Driven Development (TDD): Building Robust Software with Confidence

As a Laravel developer, you understand the importance of building robust and maintainable code. Test-Driven Development (TDD) offers a methodology to achieve this goal by writing tests before the actual code. In this blog post, we’ll explore how TDD can empower developers to create cleaner, more reliable applications in the context of Laravel, using popular testing frameworks like PHPUnit and Pest.

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Evolving Into a Service-Oriented Application Lifecycle Company

As we stand on the brink of a significant transformation at Content & Coffee, our journey is more than just a strategic shift; it’s a redefinition of our purpose and mission. Stepping into the future, we are evolving into a more service-oriented application lifecycle company. This evolution is not merely about expanding our service offerings but is a profound reflection of our commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients in the digital landscape. This transformation focuses on our dedication to excellence, innovation, and, most importantly, our family-oriented values. Our path forward is paved with the collective effort of our team, a journey we embark on together, ensuring that every voice is heard and every contribution valued. Here’s our story of transforming as a family, fostering well-being, and embracing change collectively, with every member playing a pivotal role in our metamorphosis.

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Introducing The Iterative Journey of Threat Modeling

In the field of software development, safeguarding applications against potential threats is a very crucial part. One foundational way to fortify your application is threat modeling. Threat modeling is a proactive and systematic approach to identifying and mitigating potential security threats during the design phase of software development. By analysing the environment in which your application operates, you can build a robust defense against attacks.

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A Year at Content & Coffee: Navigating Challenges, Fostering Growth Personally and Professionally.

Working in software engineering comes with a lot of challenges, especially when aiming to uphold a high daily standard amid uncertainties about one’s technical skills. This becomes even more pronounced in environments with highly experienced individuals overseeing substantial projects. With Content & Coffee, I found a nurturing environment that helped me transform in more ways than one.

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