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Are you a tech professional aiming to step into an application manager role? Or perhaps you’re a beginning application manager looking to hone your skills and advance your career? Our Application Manager Masterclass is designed just for you. This intensive three-day training program is tailored to help tech profiles transition seamlessly into application management roles, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the complexities of the job.​

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Why Choose Our Application Manager Masterclass?​


Unique Offering in Flanders

There is no other course like this in the region. Our masterclass is specifically designed to fill the gap in the market, providing a unique opportunity for tech professionals to grow into application managers.​

Career Advancement

This course is not just about knowledge—it’s about career growth. By completing this masterclass, you position yourself as a strong candidate for promotion within your company, potentially saving your employer the hassle of finding skilled application managers in a competitive job market.​

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program covers all the critical aspects of application management across three focused days:​

Application manager masterclass

Day one

Delivery Guidance and Project Management

  • Learn the essentials of guiding application delivery.​
  • Master project management techniques tailored for application managers.​


Day two

Managing the Application Landscape​

  • Understand the intricacies of application architecture.​
  • Explore the extent and scalability of the application landscape.​


Day three

Maintenance, Governance, and Design Principles​

  • Dive into maintaining the application landscape efficiently.​
  • Grasp governance structures and design principles crucial for sustainability.​

Benefits for companies​


Promote from Within

Enable your employees to grow into application management roles, reducing the need to hire externally.​

Better Management

Improve overall management efficiency with well-trained, in-house application managers.​

Employee Retention

Investing in your employees’ growth fosters loyalty and reduces turnover.​


Upcoming sessions

The next session will take place in November. The price is €3000 Excl. VAT. The training will last for three days. Location to be announced


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