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Any business can benefit from some guidance in creating a productive and encouraging work environment, where people are encouraged to be their best possible selves. As a business owner, our in-house agile coach is very experienced in implementing an agile workflow, in building a committed team around the principles of S3 patterns.

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If everyone is moving forward together, success will take care of itself.


Agile means interacting and working together whilst tackling problems. Agile frameworks let us implement different methods that mainly focus on making visible where our processes are not optimal. Using self-regulated teams, with servant management iterating forward, is the bare essence of Agile coaching.

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Your business can benefit from a productive and encouraging work environment through guidance and training. We can help you in the transition of your team into an Agile workflow around the principles of S3 Patterns.



A Laravel Certified Company in Belgium

When searching for professionals that can provide web development services references and accreditation are paramount. It’s one thing for an organization to say they know X, Y, or Z. It’s another to have an actual proven track record combined with industry-recognized accreditation.

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Lichtwerk is an expert in assistive and inclusive technology. They assist enterprises (sheltered workshops) with the implementation of assistive technologies and the adaptation of workstations. Through our Social Bean project, we gave them a complete revamp of their website to aid them in sharing the great work that they do.

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The C&C loveletter – project

Time has brought us together and we have been able to contribute to some extraordinary projects. We have gotten to know you through webcam and monitor, but the connection that we had was real. We’ve seen your resilience and strength, and we hope for better days to come. Just words might not quite cut it, so we decided to bring them alive through animation.

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#2030isnow Website 2.0

Reworking a static website to a dynamic new version, in front- and back-end.

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