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We are more than just website builders. We are online specialists focussing on the technical realisation of complex websites and web applications. Our experts are not easily surprised. High-traffic websites, business-critical applications, software as a service, and links with apps and web services… We have done it all.

Development Mobile

First solve the problem, then write the code.


Writing code is about so much more than just code. It’s about writing for an audience. It’s about telling a story on efficiency, speed and improving the way you work. We take great pride in making sure that our code works and continues to work.

An individual block of code takes moments to write, minutes or hours to debug, and can last forever without being touched again.

Straightforwardness and practicality are the key characteristics of a strong back-end development. Our developers pride themselves on their ability to customise for optimal functionality. Our team can bundle 30 years of experience in the software business. Characterised by modularity, high security and performance, we are experts in working with Drupal, Symfony and Laravel… As long as it is open source, we will find the perfect solution for you.

Consultancy Development


Our consultants can offer a fresh set of eyes and provide expert advice on your complex technical problems! Leveraging their experience and skillset, they can devise solutions you might not have thought of and be that extra asset to your team. 



A Laravel Certified Company in Belgium

When searching for professionals that can provide web development services references and accreditation are paramount. It’s one thing for an organization to say they know X, Y, or Z. It’s another to have an actual proven track record combined with industry-recognized accreditation.

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Lichtwerk is an expert in assistive and inclusive technology. They assist enterprises (sheltered workshops) with the implementation of assistive technologies and the adaptation of workstations. Through our Social Bean project, we gave them a complete revamp of their website to aid them in sharing the great work that they do.

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The C&C loveletter – project

Time has brought us together and we have been able to contribute to some extraordinary projects. We have gotten to know you through webcam and monitor, but the connection that we had was real. We’ve seen your resilience and strength, and we hope for better days to come. Just words might not quite cut it, so we decided to bring them alive through animation.

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#2030isnow Website 2.0

Reworking a static website to a dynamic new version, in front- and back-end.

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