Assessments as a key element of our approach

At Content & Coffee, our goal is to really make a difference for your organization. Our assessments play a key role in realizing this goal – the outcome of an assessment not only highlights areas for optimization but also allows us to tailor our guidance and support to your specific needs. By immersing ourselves in your organization’s challenges, we become more than just consultants – we become a true partner.


About our code base assessment

Our Code Base Assessment is designed to meticulously evaluate the code base of your software. Our experienced team analyses your code across nine different dimensions, such as code quality, security, maintainability…

The code base assessment is framework-agnostic, which means that the assessment is not tied to any specific technology programming framework.



Key deliverables of our code base assessment

  • A detailed Report containing a visual and textual representation of the strengths and weaknesses of your code base.
  • A jointly developed, actionable improvement plan for the organization and tech team.
  • Advice on training, coaching or support opportunities: we remain available to guide and support you in the implementation of suggested improvements.

Why Invest in a High-Quality Code Base?

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Increased Reliability
  • Better Security
  • Easier Collaboration
  • Faster Development Cycles
  • Reduction of Technical Debt
  • Improved User Experience
  • Future-Proof Applications
  • Better Decision-Making

A service tailored to your needs

We understand the unique needs of small and midsize companies. That’s why our assessments are designed to be small in scale and affordable in cost.


Our approach


Step 1 – Observation Period

After gaining access to your code base and other available information, our experienced solution architect conducts an individual assessment in which initial priorities are identified.

Step 2 – Feedback Period

The findings of the assessment are shared and discussed. Initial feedback is captured and used to further fine-tune the assessment.

Step 3 – Finalizing the Assessment Plan

We deliver an actionable, to the point report containing various easily implementable improvements for all evaluated clusters.

Step 4 – Continuing the journey

The assessment is only the start of our journey together. The resulting insights help us to understand your specific challenges and allow us to further guide you in implementing improvements.

So, how can we help you?

We are here to support you in each phase of the application lifecycle.