We’re the right kind of different!

People come first!

We know, a bold statement. We strive for personal communication, collaboration, and honest feedback. We’re committed to putting you at the forefront by giving you access to a diverse and experienced team.

About us Mobile

So, what is it that we do, we really, really do?

We inspire to drive businesses forward. To solve your problem, create opportunities, and to deliver results by collaboration, design and agile engineering. Websites, applications, you name it! We can design, build and deliver the digital tools you need.

Through digital co-creation, Content & Coffee will help you focus on your core business.

Mathias & Catherine

Where it all started

Meet Catherine and Mathias.
It happened organically. Catherine did some elaborative research on effectiveness at the university of Brussel. Through that research she learned about the agile manifesto and its accompanied methods.
Mathias as the technical guy wanted to create a web agency based on these principles. The focus has always been people and interactions before processes and tools.



We don’t work our magic. We work to make it magic.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup, and we’ll let you in on how we tackle things.

Cup of Coffee being pourred

Our first cup of coffee

Time to get to know each other! Let’s talk about your goals, examine your brand and target audience, review your requirements and maybe even consider some solutions while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.


Our second cup

The key to success lies in thorough analysis and planning. Our weapons of choice? A whiteboard, some markers and post-its. (all digital of course). Here is where we lay the groundwork for your project.


Putting on the kettle for our third cup

Time to work out the finer details. Firstly, we will design the structure, create a written functional analysis and build a dynamic prototype. Every sprint will conclude with us sharing our progress with you for review and feedback. Our main focus is delivering a personalised and highly functional product!


Time for a beer?

After carefully building and testing your application, we’re ready to go live! Of course we can host this in the environment of your choosing. We’ll keep your project up to date and provide monthly updates on your live environment.


Meet the baristas brewing you the
perfect cup @ Content & Coffee!

Thrives on coaching teams and improving workflows and efficiency. This also applies in her other love: boardgames. It’s your turn, play already!
Catherine team picture
Catherine Coubergs
Business Owner & Agile Coach
Gets enthusiastic about that one piece of code, that feature that has never been done before.
Mathias team picture
Mathias Selleslach
Business owner, Lead Certified PHP Developer
“That’s our lot in life, it’s not a lot, but it’s our life.”
Robert team picture
Robert Brown
Senior Backend PHP Developer
Always on the lookout for design-inspiration in everything he does. And has lost track of how many times he already saved princess Peach & Zelda by now.
Gaetan team picture
Gaëtan Dehaese
Graphic & Motion Designer
Morning routine be like: coffee, then some coffee, coffee, more coffee, one extra cup of coffee,…okay now we can talk.
Jonathan team picture
Jonathan Delmotte
Lead Frontend Developer
Getting from A to B might just be as hard as getting to Z.
Joey team picture
Joey van Sommeren
UI & UX Designer
Can switch between JavaScript and Php as easily as he switches his playlist from Lindsey Sterling to Heavy Metal.
Gerry team picture
Gerry Van Bael
Senior Full Stack Developer
Mother of three, thinks you can never have too many Ikea Samlaboxes.
Natalie team picture
Nathalie Van Der Elst
Administrative Matchmaker
Balancing between feeding a mind that needs problems to solve and calming it, and also balancing between n+1 and s-1 bikes.
Sander team picture
Sander Vleugels
Senior Web Developer

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Back-end PHP Developer
If PHP doesn’t hold any secrets for you, you might just be the one we’re looking for!
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