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The Social Bean initiative is our way of supporting companies or organisations that have a big heart and a strong social impact. How? By helping them to achieve a project within our expertise… for free.

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Everything you need to know about the Social Bean.


Content & Coffee runs on passion, laughter and a whole lot of coffee. We are a company with a big heart, and we strive to be as ethical and mindful as possible in both our work, management style & project choices.

With the Social Bean initiative, we want to reach out to other companies or organisations that have a big heart and a strong social impact, by helping them to realise a project that’s within our wheelhouse. This could be a website, an online platform or a web app… There is much that we can do! And to make it better: all hours that we work on building this project will be donated by us.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup and let us explain how it works.

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For whom?

Any company, organisation or group that is active within the social or healthcare sector. So if you’re helping people or making the world we live in just that tiny little bit better, you should apply!


What do you need?

A (new) website? An online platform for your activities or members? Or how about a database to keep track of all the good work you’re doing? The options are limitless. Just tell us what you need. Tell us how we can help you help others. And we will do what we do best: guiding you in finding the best solution tailored to your needs and beyond.


For free?

All hours needed to design, code and deploy the project will be donated by Content & Coffee. In other words: we’ll be doing all the work for free! However, this does not include domain or hosting fees, but for these we are also happy to assist and offer you a tailored solution!


How do I apply?

Tell us who you are, what you do and what this means for other people. Tell us what we could do for you, and how this would help you. You can apply by sending us your document or presentation in Dutch, English or French.


Our first Social Bean project wil be online soon!

Our first Social Bean project is a brand new website for Lichtwerk, a company that uses smart technology and projections to assist persons in their task. Lichtwerk is a partnership between emino, Mariasteen and Groep Gidts. As innovative partners with a heart for people, their focus is on employees from vulnerable groups: people with a work disability, non-native speakers, long-term sick persons, the elderly…