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Are there no specific job applications matching your awesome skillset? Then it’s up to you to let us know why you would be the perfect addiction to the Content & Coffee team.


Everything starts with www…

And by that we mean: who, what, why… Because in contrast to the Backstreet Boys, we do care who you are, where you’re from and what you did. So tell us more about yourself.

Let us know what you do: are you a developer, coach, graphic or motion designer, project manager, barista, or a bit of everything rolled into one? Elaborate on your skills and be a show off with your coolest projects up to date.

And finally, let us know why. Why would you be the perfect addition to the Content & Coffee team?

Time to make it happen! Write that motivational letter, dust off your curriculum vitae and make your portfolio shine.


Got everything ready? Time for the final step:



Do you want more information, have a specific question or have a project you want us to work on? Let us know!

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