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Evolving Into a Service-Oriented Application Lifecycle Company

As we stand on the brink of a significant transformation at Content & Coffee, our journey is more than just a strategic shift; it’s a redefinition of our purpose and mission. Stepping into the future, we are evolving into a more service-oriented application lifecycle company. Our path forward is paved with the collective effort of our team, a journey we embark on together, ensuring that every voice is heard, and every contribution valued. Here’s our story of transforming as a family, fostering well-being, and embracing change collectively, with every member playing a pivotal role in our metamorphosis.


Embracing Change as a Family

At Content & Coffee, we understand that true transformation extends beyond technological advancements; it’s about reinforcing our core values of family, unity, and well-being as we navigate these changes. With high retention rates as a testament to our supportive environment, our move towards becoming a service-oriented application lifecycle company is driven by our desire to be a true business partner for our customers but to do so in a way that reflects our commitment to our team’s welfare and job satisfaction.


The Catalysts for Our Transformation

Our journey is sparked by the recognition of the need for comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire application lifecycle, from ideation, to development, to maintenance and optimization and finally carve-out of the application. This holistic approach allows us to better serve our clients, ensuring that we offer services that are not just innovative but also sustainable and efficient.


Transforming Together, Every Step of the Way

Adhering to our golden rule, “who is impacted is involved and a key stakeholder,” our transformation is a collective endeavor. This ethos ensures that our evolution into a service-oriented company is inclusive, reflecting our shared goals and values:

  1. Open Dialogues and Reflection: Initiating forums for open discussion, allowing every team member to voice their ideas and concerns, ensuring our evolution truly reflects our collective vision.
  2. Inclusive Decision-Making: Engaging those impacted by involving them in the decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership and unity in our transformation.
  3. Collaborative development and implementation: Adopting a unified approach to developing tomorrow’s Content and Coffee and to implementing the necessary changes, with each team member playing an integral role in our evolution.
  4. Continuous Learning and Growth: Emphasizing the importance of learning and growing together, ensuring our family ethos shines through in our journey.

Our Collective Transformation: Strengthening Our Core

This pivotal shift towards becoming a service-oriented application lifecycle company not only enhances our service offerings but also strengthens our internal community. It’s a testament to our belief in unity, collaboration, and our commitment to maintaining a nurturing, family-oriented workplace even as we evolve.



Our transformation at Content & Coffee marks a new chapter in our story, one that is characterized by collective growth, resilience, and a shared commitment to excellence. It’s a journey that reaffirms our dedication to not just being leaders in technology but also to upholding our values of well-being and inclusivity. As we evolve into a service-oriented application lifecycle company, we do so together, hand in hand with every member of our company family, ready to face the future with confidence and unity.

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Catherine Coubergs

Business Owner

I’ve learned that I am passionate about the process that occurs between people when they are trying to solve complex problems within a multidisciplinary team.



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