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My First Year at Content & Coffee

With a focus on responsibility and empowerment, my first year here challenged me to grow in more ways than I anticipated. But through the challenges came growth – both as a designer and an individual. In this blog post, I want to share with you how this unique approach to work has made me a better designer

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The cost of motion design and animation.

When thinking about using motion design and/or animation for projects, one of the first questions asked is “how much will it cost” or “how much does 1 minute of animation cost”. As much as I would like to have a one-size-fits-all reply, the answer depends on a lot of other factors.

These four factors are some of the main factors when figuring out what the cost of your motion design or animation project will be. Let me elaborate a bit.

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The motion design & animation process

The motion design/animation process is pretty straightforward since each step is an elaboration on the previous one. But not everybody that wants to use motion design or animation in their project knows all the steps necessary to bring your vision alive.

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Why you should care about UX

A good user experience (UX) has become an important factor in deciding whether we use a service or not. Factors that affect good UX include quick loading times, engaging interface and iconography, usage of whitespace, and appropriate colour schemes. Rewarding users with moments of delight is a factor that I feel is often overlooked but can make a huge difference to UX.

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