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Software development is a technical activity conducted however, by human beings (Wirth, N.)!

What we believe in

Scrum is not a problem solving framework, it is a problem surfacing framework by creating maximum transparancy.


People come first
Relationships matter
Knowledge is power
Feedback is the engine
What we do

Effective design aims to discover and re-define the user’s demands, allowing you to better engineer a satisfactory user experience, while optimizing your understanding of the client base. With lots of attention to your specific business goals, our design team is dedicated to creating an inviting, immersive display of your content. A thorough understanding of your needs as well as your content enables us to create a practical and visually pleasing result; Form and function all geared towards helping your business succeed.

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Straightforwardness and practicality are the key characteristics of a strong back-end development. Our developers pride themselves on their ability to customise for optimal functionality. Our team can bundle 30 years of experience in the software business.  Characterised by modularity, high security, and performance, we are experts in working with Drupal, Symfony and Laravel,... As long as it's open source, we will find the perfect solution for you.

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For businesses looking to create a more versatile, accountable, and invested corporate environment, we offer a selection of hands-on courses, centered around the SCRUM methodology. Any business can benefit from some guidance in creating a productive, conducive workspace, where people are encouraged to be their best possible selves. As a business owner, our in-house project manager (/Scrum master) is very experienced in implementing an agile workflow, having built a committed team around the principles of S3 patterns.

Want a coffee?

How we make magic
We invite you for a coffee

Our first conversation is an introductory meeting, where we sit down together (over a nice cup of coffee, of course!) to contextualise your goals, examine your brand, your target audience, to evaluate your requirements and consider solutions.

Analyse Content & Coffee
We'll analyse and plan

For us, the key to success lies in thorough analysis and planning. A whiteboard, some markers and a good cup of coffee are our weapons in laying out the groundwork for your project.

Design & Development
Design & Development
We'll UX design your project

We will create a functional prototype, dynamic wireframes and a written functional analysis. Every sprint will conclude with us sharing our progress with you for review and feedback. In that sense every sprint will focus on a release of working software. Our main concern is delivering a personalised and highly functional product!

Go live
We'll launch your application

Having assembled and tested your application in a safe environment, we will host it on an environment of your choosing.

If need be, we can provide guidance and training in changing content and attracting as many users as possible through SEO guidelines.

Maintenance with Content & Coffee
We'll keep your project up to date

We provide monthly updates to your live environment, thoroughly testing any update on your testserver before release. Should any questions or need for adjustments in functionality arise, we would be more than happy to provide information and support. After all, we love hearing from you.

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S3 patterns as a base and Scrum as a methodology will facilitate freeing people up and create happy, effective working places, filled with people that are motivated to be the best version of themselves.