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Why accreditation matters

by Mathias Selleslach.

When searching for professionals that can provide web development services references and accreditation are paramount. It’s one thing for an organization to say they know X, Y, or Z. It’s another to have an actual proven track record combined with industry-recognized accreditation.


In recent years, our organization has incrementally evolved from a Drupal-orientated outfit to more recently a Laravel-centered team. As ardent PHP developers, Laravel’s return to organized coding principles, object-orientated approaches, and most importantly testing out of the box beckoned us so greatly that we made the switch and didn’t look back. This has given Content and Coffee a unique place within the crowded Belgian digital agency market, setting us on track to be modern PHP internet application makers.


Being a PHP-centered company right from the beginning, working in Laravel and collaborating on various projects, it was always safe to say that Content and Coffee was a Laravel company. However, when Laravel debuted the “Laravel Certified Company” program, we knew immediately that we wanted to be ahead of the curve and participate. Without delay Content and Coffee became a Laravel Certified Company.

It’s all about the why

The Laravel Certified Company accreditation gives Content and Coffee a unique opportunity to explore and challenge ourselves in what we feel is the best modern web development framework available today. To our existing and future clients, this means that you can have the utmost confidence in Content and Coffee to deliver digital solutions at an industry-recognized level of excellence. Not only are we a Laravel Certified Company but each PHP web developer within the company is individually certified in Laravel as well.

Laravel Certified Company status affords Content and Coffee an elevated exposure to the Laravel solutions market that would have otherwise not been possible before. We are very proud to be stepping forward as an early adopter and participant in the Laravel Certified Company program. We are also very excited to see what the evolution and growth of the program will bring in the coming years.



Accreditation of expertise in our industry is important and much needed. Laravel today is the de-facto standard for modern PHP web application development.

Content and Coffee values long-term collaboration and partnership with our clients and industry stakeholders. That is why the Laravel Certified Company program participation is a no-brainer!


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