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Let us show you something that we’re really proud of.

Yes, we’re really really proud of our work. We think that any project, big or small, deserves as much attention to detail.

My First Year at Content & Coffee

With a focus on responsibility and empowerment, my first year here challenged me to grow in more ways than I anticipated. But through the challenges came growth – both as a designer and an individual. In this blog post, I want to share with you how this unique approach to work has made me a better designer

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Blends 2.0

When we started Blends, we wanted to provide an accessible and affordable way for businesses to have an online presence. We soon realized we weren’t clearly communicating our values and strengths through our branding and reaching our audience so we got to work and started a complete rebranding process.

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We don’t want a lot for Christmas, just a few little things

Coziness and jolly spirits surround us during this festive time of year. The holiday spirit we hold dearly within our little coffee-fueled hearts and we wish to share that with you.

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The C&C loveletter – project

Time has brought us together and we have been able to contribute to some extraordinary projects. We have gotten to know you through webcam and monitor, but the connection that we had was real. We’ve seen your resilience and strength, and we hope for better days to come. Just words might not quite cut it, so we decided to bring them alive through animation.

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#2030isnow Website 2.0

Reworking a static website to a dynamic new version, in front- and back-end.

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The cost of motion design and animation.

One of the first questions asked for motion design and animation is “how much will it cost”. As much as I would like to have a one-size-for-all reply, the answer depends on a lot of other factors.

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#2030isnow Quiz

Building a custom made/animated quiz for #2030isnow.

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The motion design & animation process

The motion design/animation process is pretty straightforward since each step is an elaboration on the previous one. But not everybody that wants to use motion design or animation in their project knows all the steps necessary to bring your vision alive.

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Explainer Video “How does Social Seeder Work?”

Turning a PowerPoint presentation into an animated video in the Social Seeder brand guidelines.

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Why you should care about UX

A good user experience (UX) has become an important factor in deciding whether we use a service or not.

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Content&Coffee 2.0

Combining all our skills to redesign our own website and visual identity.

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A brand new website, ready for the future of GOPAcom.

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2030 is now

How to recreate an interactive wall about the Sustainable Development Goals, into a website.

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2030 CARD
Esther Gheyssens

Visualising two services/companies in one site, showing the diversity of the services they offer.

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Specialized in LIVE wireless TV Productions, Streaming, 4G/5G, Satellite and Fiber connectivity worldwide, we build a website fitting the technological giant they are.

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When Isabel Group approached us to revamp the Zoomit website, we just couldn’t say no.

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On the verge of a complete rebranding, Motionmakers needed a partner to help them do the same for their website.

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