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The C&C loveletter – project

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Time has brought us together and we have been able to contribute to some extraordinary projects. We have gotten to know you through webcam and monitor, but the connection that we had was real. We’ve seen your resilience and strength, and we hope for better days to come. Just words might not quite cut it, so we decided to bring them alive through animation.


But first thing first: let us show you.


The idea was simple: we wanted to show our gratitude to everyone who chose to work together with Content & Coffee over the past few years. The approach was somewhat different: creating a typical “thank you” message just wasn’t enough to tell what we wanted to convey.

Thus we joined forces with the incredible copywriter Johan Dirkx, who listened to our story and transformed it into pure poetry. He created an incredible story that perfectly describes our journey and what we wanted to share. Since the copy was so powerful, we made it the starting point for the whole project. Every design and animation choice would be based on it.

Our friends at Motionmakers helped us find the perfect voice to match and took care of the recording. Meanwhile, we selected a musical match to create the final audio version of our love letter. This audio-only version would be the main inspiration for every step of the rest of the project.


Visually our designers had to come up with a smart approach to support and strengthen the message in the voice-over. This was achieved by combining a rather abstract visual style with typographic elements. A small dot functions as a guide throughout the narrative, from beginning to end. This visual style made it possible to create a very detailed storyboard, which was a great help in the animation process.


But our designers didn’t want it all to feel too cold and abstract. For this, they found a creative way to add, although very briefly, every team member of Content & Coffee. And even if they only appear half a second each, getting everyone to film themselves cohesively can be challenging… as you’ll see below.

Our timing for releasing our love letter was the holiday season, so we made sure to also add some Christmas magic into the final shot of the project.


We finally got it off our chest.


To say that we’re proud of our love letter project is an understatement, this is a true passion project. Although, needless to say, we treat all our projects with the same passionate energy. And in the end, we finally got it off our chest: thank you.


So, what can we animate for you?

We’re eager to bring your project to life!



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