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Within our consultancy contract for Colruyt Group, our team provides development services for the Colruyt Group Drupal team, that is responsible for the Spar retail website.

The Spar retail website is an inspirational multilingual website that serves a dual purpose.
Provide tasteful, delicious recipes as a daily cooking inspiration on one hand and provide personalised pages for all spar stores in Belgium, where they can add relevant information (promotions, opening hours etc) on the other.

Mathias Selleslach, Senior Developer at Content & Coffee
Inspiring people with recipes
Mathias Selleslach - Senior Developer

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Analysis
  • 2 UX & Design
  • 3 Development
Colruyt Analysis

The Spar website exists for a couple of years. For every new feature or change, we conduct a very concise impact analysis in close collaboration with the functional analyst and product owner.

On a daily basis this leads to an exciting balance between creativity and do-ability.

As soon as we feel that have a clear picture on what kind of functionality we want to add, the process moves on towards UX & Design

Colruyt UX & Design

This is where everything gets "prettyfied"!
Every feature or functionality receives it's much appreciated dose of love and creativity here.
Making sure that we provide the best possible usability for all users, on all possible viewports & devices.

Colruyt Development

Where prototype and design meets code!
As soon as both functionality and visuality are agreed upon, we hit it off writing the code.
Every piece of functionality is clearly broken down into a user story that focusses on the user-value that each story will deliver.
At the end of development, every piece of functionality undergoes a final round of testing, to make sure that everything works as envisioned and that it provides the best possible value to the user.

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Project Diversify Me

S3 patterns as a base and Scrum as a methodology will facilitate freeing people up and create happy, effective working places, filled with people that are motivated to be the best version of themselves.