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Orange Press Shop

This application is a gimmick to keep customers of the Relay Shop intrigued with what Orange and Relay has to offer. The application is available on two touchscreens at Brussels airport and focusses on travellers arriving and departing. Unfortunately the application had a long history of failing to go live (with another agency). Instead of working with the legacy code, we adjusted the budget and rebuilt the application entirely. This meant building a minimal viable product. The aim was measuring before refining. So every features was measured and analysed from a users point of view before it was adjusted. 

Koen Wilna, product owner at Orange
A Happy client was the focus!
Koen Wilna - Product Owner

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Analyse
  • 2 Ux & Design
  • 3 Development
Orange & Relay Tablet app developed by Content & Coffee

As stated, this project had a history. Functional analyses were already done. To safe costs, we deliberately choose to work from what was usable and functional and already done. The functional analyses was slightly adjusted. A thorough technical analyses however, was still needed. This was performed with an eye on the future, since Orange had the idea to use this set up for several other projects. In that sense, sustainability was our main focus. 

User oriented experience for Orange by providing a multifunctional tablet application

The application is only accessible from two touch screen computers at the airport of Brussels. Since we used the technology of touch screens we wanted an intuitive design of the different features on the application. Orange and Press shop had a clear style that needed to be implemented. So our focus was keeping the users in movement and leading them to several Orange products. 

A presentation for the Relay tablet application produced by Orange developed by Content & Coffee

As stated, the application as is, was seen as a test case for later expansions to festivals or big events. We chose to work with a multilingual and multiregional implementation in Drupal 7. Drupal 8 was kept in mind for later migration. Every feature can be added in a seperate region so that you can customise the application based on the needs of a specific event or festival. Today only a few features are implemented due to financial restrictions. 

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