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J&J Innovation

Within J&J Innovation was chaos. The team is very large and has members spread across different locations. Moreover, different team members found themselves missing important news, dates, and events. Content and Coffee developed a "One Stop Shop" homepage to bring important information to employees in a concise one screen desktop and mobile application.

Robert Brown Content & Coffee
One stop homepage!
Robert Brown - Senior Developer

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Analysis
  • 2 Strategy
  • 3 Secure & Personal
J&J innovation and Analysis

After talking with a number of employees and management members three major items jumped out at us as must haves.

Calendar, Fast Facts Tree, and News

J&J innovation and Strategy

By using Drupal our team was able to quickly move the project forward. The calendar module for Drupal provided us with "out of the box" instant functionality and time savings. For news this was made using nodes. The events we created custom entities that then tied into and updated the calendar module and the content of the site.

J&J and Secure & Personal

The intranet was to only be seen by Johnson & Johnson Innovation team members. This meant that the site had to work with their Single Sign On system and limit visits to team members only. This allowed for personalization of the content to the individual user. As simple as providing the weather forecast to indicating which stories have and have not been read. Users were also able to build their own fast navigation menu by bookmarking and ordering links to their desire.

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Project Diversify Me

S3 patterns as a base and Scrum as a methodology will facilitate freeing people up and create happy, effective working places, filled with people that are motivated to be the best version of themselves.