A solid intranet!


This application is a tailor based digital translation of our daily work. From our first contact with our customers to the after services we provide, everything we do gets planned, organised and executed through the use of our intranet. Every new idea gets an implementation through a precise proces of listening, analysing, prototyping, developing, testing and implementing. We genuinely feel like we can take the intranet in whichever direction we want or need!

Isabel Drieskens
"Working efficiently! That's our intranet!"
Isabelle Drieskens, Zaakvoerder Belisol Leuven, Tienen, Aarschot

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Analyse
  • 2 Ux & Design
  • 3 Development
Belisol web application preview

Every idea started with our client, since they use the application on a day to day basis. For every feature of the application,  the client wrote down their ideas from the point of view of the user. That document was analysed by our team of developers and u/x designers. Based on this proces the functional analysis was written, presented and approved.

Belisol and UX example, designed by Content & Coffee

After analyses were done we created a functional and dynamic prototype. This was delivered to the client so they could test it and provide it with functional feedback. Based on this feedback the prototype was finalised and ready to be developed.

Belisol and Development

When a functional prototype was approved the process of technical analyses started. Every feature was translated in a ticket with a proper technical explanation. All features went to a process of automated testing. Moreover functional testing was provided on business site and development site. 

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Project Diversify Me

S3 patterns as a base and Scrum as a methodology will facilitate freeing people up and create happy, effective working places, filled with people that are motivated to be the best version of themselves.