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Front-end & back-end development, design, UI/UX, Social Bean Project.

Lichtwerk is an expert in assistive and inclusive technology. They assist enterprises (sheltered workshops) with the implementation of assistive technologies and the adaptation of workstations.

Through our Social Bean project, we gave them a complete revamp of their website to aid them in sharing the great work that they do.



Reimagining a website for people who reimagine work.


The way Lichtwerk reimagines work – using the so-called LightGuide integration – is amazing. Their Augmented Reality solutions combine patented LightGuide AR software, projection technology, 3D cameras and sensors and provide workers with digital, interactive work instructions.

The Lichtwerk and LightGuide solutions allow sheltered workshops to respond more flexibly to their customers’ increasingly complex needs and to continually offer them superb quality. Step-by-step work instructions are projected onto workstations using icons, photographs, videos, sounds, pick-to-light methods… Everything is done in interaction with the operator. The system alerts for possible errors so that quality is assured in every step of the process.

Their previous website was filled to the brim with media & content but didn’t reflect the amazing work they do. So we gladly stepped in to help them revamp their website to match the company profile.


Website 2.0

Based on their logo and visual brand, we set to work to deliver a contemporary overhaul of the design and navigation of their previous website. The main structure was kept but fine-tuned, and the positioning and display of content were greatly improved.

With a diversity of media available, we chose to incorporate big visual landing pages with the option for pictures or video embeds. This allowed us to make a small montage for the main landing page to directly showcase the incredible LightGuide system.

The new website is completely component-based, meaning that not only the content but entire pages can be easily updated/rearranged to fit the layout needed. This freedom ensures that they can creatively adjust, delete or create pages so that keeping the site up-to-date is now a streamlined and easy task.

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The Social Bean.

With the Social Bean initiative, we want to reach out to other companies or organisations that have a big heart and a strong social impact by helping them to realise a project that’s within our wheelhouse.

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