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The agile movement in software is part of a larger movement towards more humane and dynamic workplaces in the future (Bunning, R.).

Diversify me

Catherine Coubergs, founder Content and Coffee

Properly using Scrum and pulling in different S3 patterns, will help you create a happy, effective working place, filled with people that are motivated to be the best version of theirselves. With two experienced and certified scrum masters, S3 apprentices, we will help you transform your business.

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Catherine Coubergs
Happiness inspires productivity

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Scrum methodology
  • 2 Sociocracy 3.0
Content and Coffee and Scrum
Content and Coffee and Scrum

Do you want to implement Scrum into your current organisation, but you don't know where and how to start? We are trained certified scrum masters, S3 apprentices  and will help you transform into your organisation. 

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S3 and Content and Coffee
Happy workplace and S3

You want your team to be self organising, happy, transparent and effective. We help your organisation transit to an organisation where people matter. After all happy people make better business.

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Do you have a cool idea?
But you don't know how to turn coffee into co-creation?

Project Diversify Me

S3 patterns as a base and Scrum as a methodology will facilitate freeing people up and create happy, effective working places, filled with people that are motivated to be the best version of themselves.