Major website revamp.


When Isabel Group approached us to revamp the Zoomit website, we just couldn’t say no. Zoomit is a service that delivers invoices and pay slips in your online bank, where you can pay them in a click.

Used by 13 banks and over 60 senders, this website has a high count of visitors and as such, it had to be perfect. The new website provides clear information on how Zoomit works, but also provides the user with a database of banks and senders and the services they provide through Zoomit. All of this combined with their signature look, although reworked to fit their desires for the new and improved website.

Designer - Zoomit
A constant collaboration between designer and developer.
Gaëtan Dehaese - Graphic Designer

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Content analysis
  • 2 Design & UX
  • 3 Development
Zoomit - Content analysis

The first step in this revamp consisted of a complete overhaul of its content. The previous site had heaps of text, spread on a multitude of pages. Together with the people of Isabel Group we streamlined the content and page count until we found the ideal balance in number of pages and amount of information.

Zoomit - Design & UX

Zoomit, as every sub-branch from Isabel Group, has it’s own clear branding and design guidelines. We took these into account and applied them to our design-ideas. Since the majority of users visit the site on their mobile devices, we opted to work in a mobile-first flow. Another important aspect was UX. We wanted the users to find their way in an easy, almost natural way through the pages, information and the banks/senders database. 

Zoomit - Development

After some extensive prototyping we started building the website. We adapted to the platform used by our client, so the integration on their side would be flawless. As requested we built a database with search-engine, to allow the users to find the banks/senders using Zoomit, and the services they offer. Thanks to a close collaboration between designer & developer, we were able to deliver one of our most refined websites yet.

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