Alternative methods to animal testing in one central database.


The RE-Place project aims to collect all alternative methods to animal testing in one central database.
We have built an intuitive database that allows scientific researchers to both easily submit their and search for other alternative methods.
The platform aims to incubate new collaborations and invite people to share knowledge in regards to alternative methods to animal testing.

Senior Developer Re-Place
Aiming to incubate new collaborations and invite people to share knowledge.
Mathias Selleslach, Senior Developer at Content & Coffee

Chapter by Chapter

  • 1 Analysis
  • 2 UX & Design
  • 3 Development
RE-Place Analysis

From the very beginning it was clear to us that building a scientific database, that contains a lot of very specific, scientifical documents, was no easy task.
We had to try and look at the matter through their eyes, which is not an easy taks if you hardly understand the contents of the documents. Through a very communicative and creative co-creation process with RE-Place, we managed to draw out the specifics on how this datbase should work to make sure that is intuitive to it's audience.

RE-Place UX & Design

It's all about balance in the "look and feel" for this one.
For both us and RE-Place, it was paramount to find the right balance between a scientifics, minimalistic layout on one hand and being attractive, modern and appealing on the other hand.

RE-Place Development

Searching, indexing, metadata, these are the mantra's we kept in mind during the entire development process. By implementing facets (interactive filtering), we allow the user to further refine his search as he comes closer the the end result(s) that he/she is looking for. Furthermore we allow people to easily generate PDF documents for all methods in the databse, so they can be easily taken with them.

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