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Design, development, UI/UX.

Motionmakers was on the verge of a complete rebranding, they needed a partner to help them doing the same for their website. We were very lucky to be chosen to be that partner, and are very proud of the result of our collaboration.


Rebranding of a production company.


Motionmakers is a production facility which inbred passion for video and photography goes back many years. They love a challenge and always come up with suggestions and tailor-made solutions.

A well-oiled and experienced team of producers, creatives and copywriters who can seamlessly translate intricate stories and subjects into clear and pleasing video messages.

As a division of Videohouse, the foremost supplier of media facilities in Belgium, they have hands-on access to all their know-how. And what’s more, they can call on more than 300 of the best technical professionals on the market at the drop of a hat. Thanks to the fact that they’re part of the Euro Media Group, they can supply the same high quality on an international level as well.

“Building a website: sounds like an easy job, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Content & Coffee guided and advised us through it all. Although we altered some choices along the way, the crew of C&C always respected our wishes. In short: a constructive & efficient collaboration.”

Filip, the manager of Motionmakers


Video content.

Motionmakers’ main export product is movies, in all sorts and sizes. Our first big challenge was learning the correct way to integrate video in their website, and make them a part of the overall design. One of the most important parts of the website is also the portfolio, where they need to be able to easily add and sort through the videos, always keeping in mind that the user also needs to find his way in the massive amount of content.

Design & UX.

For designing the website, we worked together with their resident graphics team, guiding them in terms of navigation and UX. By using fixed buttons for any kind of contact form as well as the main menu, we were able to let them be accessible from any page in the website.

The graphic redesign of the Motionmakers brand also had a fun twist: they are going to alternately use 6 different colour scheme variations in their branding & brand personalisation… We, from our part, couldn’t resist to incorporate this clever twist in our website as well by adding a daily rotating colour scheme in the overall look.

Development & back-end.

Like in any project we try to get the client involved as much as possible. The development went in phases: from design, over prototyping to the actual build, with regular update meetings between the main content makers & the graphics team of Motionmakers. We succeeded in building a website that is both accessible to a wide audience and provides the freedom of rearranging content to the content editors. This allows Motionmakers to alter the content in a few seconds, adjusting it as they see fit every day.


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