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Isabel Group.

Front-end & Back-end development, a consultancy.

By combining the expertise of 3 top consultants, we created a Web Team to aid and guide Isabel Group in the development & maintenance of several high-quality, high-performance websites. By defining clear tasks, responsibilities and goals, we created an action plan tailored to the client’s needs.


Next-Level Consultancy


Each of our consultants is highly trained and has a broad array of skills, but by combining them you create a force to be reckoned with. This was our approach for the Web Team that we assembled for Isabel Group.

End-to-End WordPress/web development, managing CI/CD pipelines, managing the codebases of all Isabel Group websites, taking the lead in delivering high-performance websites, bridging Marketing/Business with Operations (deployment, security…), advising Business on possibilities, maintaining and updating all running sites, providing development guidelines, quality assurance of external code (cf. external agencies)…

These are just some of the tasks and responsibilities the task force took upon itself in aiding Isabel Group to streamline the development & maintenance of the many websites for their different products and services.


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