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Het Poetsbureau.

Front-end & Back-end evelopment.

An alluring site with a webshop, client-zone and a very tight deadline… sounds like a challenge not everybody would want to handle… But we did: in no less then 2 weeks our development team achieved a go live for Het Poetsbureau.


The best focus usually comes when you know there’s a time frame and you need to stick to it.


Sometimes a project gets the “green light” a bit late, making the deadline a tight fit. This was the case for the marketingteam of Het Poetsbureau. So we put our heads together and got to work to ensure a sure go live for this project.

In 2 weeks time, we added some colour to the given wireframes and developed the complete website.
The website contains a complete webshop with a personalised client zone. In this client zone users can check, activate and adjust any contracts they have for their cleaning supplies. By adding a API connection we were able to integrate Twikey for online payments, making all transitions smooth sailing for its users/customers.


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