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Explainer Video “How does Social Seeder Work?”

Motion Design

Social Seeder combines a strategic approach to employee advocacy with a communication platform to build connections, increase sharing and foster engagement. To better explain how they work, they wanted us to create an explainer video on the subject.


From screenshot based powerpoint to animated explainer video.

A clear written script, a powerpoint and a brand guide.  Social Seeder asked us to put our talents to work to combines these assets to create a “how does Social. Seeder work” explainer video. And we were more than happy to oblige!
We explored ways to stylize screenshots, made style frames based on the brand guide, partnered up to provide top notch voice acting, and storyboarded and animated to create the perfect fit for our clients expectations. And this with our co-creation way of working through the entire project, through a clear backtiming with feedback moments for each step.
After we finished the first version, we reworked the audio and animation-timings, so that the video can be viewed in four different languages: English, Dutch, French and German. Each and every one fitted to the languages tempo and with it’s own enclosed subtitles.

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