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EAP online.


A Central Authentication Service (based on Laravel), that offered a single sign-on experience for all users across all Pulso’s online applications.
An online platform for Counselors, Employees, and Organisations that provides access to numerous Pulso services.


Personal assistance matters!


Pulso Europe is a KU Leuven spin-off that is the driving force for what is related to Employee Assistance. They offer numerous services that empower employee resilience and helps creating healthy workplaces. Pulso Europa asked us to create 2 applications for them.

Content analysis

This project challenged us by providing the opportunity of building 2 applications / services simultaneously. Careful planning and a thorough analysis of all functionalities was paramount, to make sure that development was nicely aligned for both applications and all features.

Design & UX

It stands to reason that security and privacy are one of the key concerns in this project. Not that they are optional in other projects, but this project really deals with personal, confidential information on a daily basis. Making sure that we comply with OWASP regulations and placing the users’ security first, every step of the way, was one of our main concerns.

Development & backend

Drupal was used as the content management system for the EAP Online platform.
Laravel was used for the central authentication service that provides the single sign on functionalities. These choices where not made lightly. Drupal was chosen for its webmaster & content editing functionalities as well as seamless multilingual support. Laravel was chosen for API performance and a very short time to market implementation cycle.


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