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UI/UX, Development, Visual Design, Motion Design, Agile workflow.

Content & Coffee is growing, and to showcase all the talent and skills in our team, the time was right to develop a new visual identity and website.


Creating a brand new blend for C&C.


Making UI, UX and content work together.

The idea was clear: a brand new website, in which visitors can find the information they need, clearly and easily. What services we offer, how we work, who is on our team and what skills they have… Navigation had to be self-explanatory, make the necessary links between different elements and topics, but in such a way you never get lost between hundreds of links and subpages. We also applied these navigation principles to our entire content: by grouping and reworking the content, we prevent the unnecessary repetition or distribution of information.


Creating a fresh and new visual style.

Everyone likes to drink a fresh cup of coffee from time to time, so our designers have also thoroughly freshened up our blend visually. Sleek shapes, pops of colour, bold typography and the implementation of video and motion design make the new visual style a contemporary beauty with some very dynamic elements. They extended this visual style across the board, both in online and offline outgoing communication.


And then the developers worked their magic.

The website not only looks great, also behind the scenes it is an absolute gem. Made with WordPress, the new C&C has become a completely customisable package, in which content, both textually and visually, and page layout can be adjusted on the fly. This freedom ensures that we can creatively adjust, delete or create pages so that keeping our site up-to-date is now a streamlined and easy task.


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