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This website was fully “revamped” when the new Belgian driver’s license was introduced. In collaboration with 2Dotstwice, we crafted a practical, user-centred website that informs visitors in an informal way about the new driver’s license and its regulations. The website provides both information and interactive quizzes that allow people to practice their traffic regulation skills!


Driving license, demystified.



We really wanted to offer an attractive website that would provide an informal look and feel to visitors. Learning should always be fun, encouraging visitors to learn all about the new driver’s license was our main focus throughout the project.


Rijbewijzer contains a tailor-made quiz module that allows VSV (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde) to create numerous quizzes throughout the website. Initially, during prototyping, only 1 quiz was envisioned. When development started, we started asking ourselves if it would not be smart to make sure that this concept could be extended and re-used. Keeping this in mind, a full-blown quiz module came to live for Rijbewijzer.


Making sure that something works and more importantly continues to work is one of the main focus points in software development in general. Since Rijbewijzer offers many quizzes to its visitors, automated testing was essential. We provided 100% test coverage for the entire quiz module to make sure that both we as developers and VSV as our client could use and modify the quiz module with the peace of mind and confidence of not breaking things nor introducing bugs.


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