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#2030isnow Website 2.0

Front-end & back-end development, design, UI/UX, Motion Design.

As a part of the 2030isnow project regarding the Sustainable Development Goals, we rebuilt a physical wall into a website for the European Commission. This time around we’re upgrading it to a new and dynamic version, both in front- and in the back-end.



Backend 2.0

The first iteration of the 2030isnow website was a one-on-one remake from an actual physical wall to a static webpage. For this updated version we’ve reworked everything from the ground up for a more dynamic and adaptable experience. The new website is completely component-based, meaning that not only the content but the entire page can easily be updated/rearranged to fit the layout needed. This even opens up the possibility to change the one-page layout to a multipage website with the same functionalities for each page.


Frontend 2.0

The look and feel for the 2.0 version remained but was fine-tuned greatly for an optimal UI, UX experience. The balance between all the different types of content was reworked, as different new elements were added.

One of the new additions is the incorporation of LOTTI animations. These are looping animations that are converted into code, resulting in different perks such as small file sizes and no quality loss when scaling. From buttons,  small titles to bigger animated infographics, this addition was used in different ways to add more movement to the site.


Languages 2.0

Most sites are multilingual these days, but not like this one: the site launched with 8 main languages and is now updated with 16 more. Even the 5 animated main infographics are translated for each corresponding language, good for a whopping 120 animations!  

By looking for creative solutions with our designers, the developers managed to change some elements from pictures to tailored components, thus eliminating the need for different images per language.


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