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#2030isnow Quiz

Front-end & back-end development, design, UI/UX.

To add more involvement of the visitors on the #2030isnow website, we were asked to create a integrated quiz application allowing the users to find the SDG goal closest to their heart.



Tailored to fit: fully custom built and animated.

At C&C, we love a new challenge.
Imagine how happy we were wen we’re asked to build a web-quiz application for #2030isnow! The quiz application takes the user through colourful screen along a series of questions and statements, ending in a personal profile result based on the responses and choices they made. 
Designed and prototyped from scratch, and fully custom build and animated using VueJS & GreenSock. It’s integrated with the 2030isnow public website, completely mobile friendly and translated in 23 languages. The administrators have a statistic overview of how many users took the quiz and the amount of different outcomes.
Curious to learn what you care most about in the world around you? Find out by taking the #2030isnowQuiz

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