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Design, development, UI/UX.

As part of the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals, the European Commission and the Belgian Federal Development Cooperation Ministry put up an interactive wall on different events, where it was possible to find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals, but also on how to make your contribution to meeting them. They came to us with the question if we could rebuild it… as a website.


How to turn an actual physical interactive wall into a website.


The task wasn’t easy, since the wall was tailored to the information and illustrations used for sharing and elaborating on the Sustainable Development Goals. And much in contrast to the actual wall, the website is not one fixed format and so it had to be to the different screens it would be viewed on. Through some creative thinking and coding, we managed to keep the essence of the wall, in design and concept, and translate it into a website filled to the brim with visual elements. Scrolling through the texts, illustrations, pictures, videos and podcasts, the user is guided through all the different chapters and thus introduced to the different SDGs.


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